No More False News?!

November 24, 2016


Great news for those who hate being misled: #Google and #Facebook will block #advertisement revenues of #websites linked with false news. Chrome also offers two handy extensions, which will alert its user whenever he visits a webpage with questionable content.


The appropriately named "B. S. Detector" is a Chrome extension developed by Daniel Sieradski, who reportedly made it in just one hour after reading a Mark Zuckerberg quote of how difficult it was to detect #online false news.


The other similar extension "Fake News Alert" was created by Brian Feldman, a New York Times journalist, and displays a pop up message whenever the user visits a website known to publish false news.


Although these two extensions are still somewhat limited (and very dependent on their users reports), both are definitely a small but significant step in the right direction in order to have an online world where truth still prevails.

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