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Autopilot - Should We Trust It?

Autonomous driving is bound to be the next revolution in the automotive industry. #Cars will no longer be tools that need human input to work, but instead autonomous #machines that can deliver every single time what we expect from them - a safe travel to our desired destination.

A world free of car crashes, where every vehicle drives safely and keeps their passengers and others safe may sound too good to be true, but that is indeed what is being promised by those who develop this type of #technologies.

What happens when technologies despite being fully developed fail is another story (and another article...), but what I intend to focus on is the current state of this revolutionary technology.

I'm afraid that today, we still don't have a properly autonomous mode. We have the beginning of it, a demo of what it may do in the future, but a technology that still needs careful drivers! Is this being explained to the drivers lucky enough to be on cars that offer this #futuristic #technology?

Would I ever completely trust autopilot and let go of the steering wheel while in this mode? No, I certainly would not! But many people are so eager to do it, that they have already done it... Avoidable accidents have happened and will continue to happen, until the car manufacturers that offer it teach their clients what the technology can do, and the best way to use it.

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