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Beirut | Mac

I feel lost in the back of the ancient #Benz however Anthony, my driver, is keeping me company by telling me about his life.

#Tripadvisor had told me seven minutes from the #airport to my chosen #hotel however Tripadvisor had no idea how bad the traffic would be and when last I looked at my phone seven had become twenty seven however no worries, I am paying by the mile and not the moment.

“Hello my friend,” Anthony's first words to me and expressed with a genuine smile as I exited the airport and walked towards the ranked taxis, “hotel?” and he has yet to stop talking. His mouth permanently placed just above his shoulder whether we are moving or not so he can keep one eye on me and the other, I hope, on the road.

Anthony has been driving this same #Mercedes since 1981 and has smiled and laughed and vigorously gesticulated with hands and head as he has described the five wars, the three invasions, the marriages of his two children and the birth of his first grandchild which had all, apparently, begun with him sitting behind that wheel and I think I like #Beirut already.

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