Fish or Trains?

Did you have a nice break for #Easter? As a family we decided that we would like to have a few day #trips away rather than one longer #holiday, and during the first part of the week we went to the seaside and though it was very difficult to find a parking space, it did not seem especially busy.

We headed to an #aquarium as we had promised our son - a chance to see some fish. My son enjoyed seeing the #sharks and #turtles, but by dragging us around by the hand, he made it a quick visit. When we left the #aquarium we decided to take the #train to the end of the #pier. This was without a doubt the highlight to my son’s day (and mine too). It was great fun, and though there was not much to see or do at the end of the pier the journey alone was still worth it.

When we returned home it was harder than usual to get our son to bed. He made his train tracks into a straight line and was running one train to the end and back. I expected the fish to be the most exciting part of the day for him, but how wrong was I!

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