Note 7 - Samsung's Lesson

Contrary to what various smartphone brands seems to believe, we as consumers don't really want a new smartphone every year. We want a reliable, scratch-proof, and fast smartphone, with an operating system that is fairly easy to update the size of which should fit in a jeans' pocket!

This is a simple request that seems hard to achieve as most brands don't really offer a smartphone that ticks all of the boxes.

The rush to show a new #smartphone every year also seems to take its toll on manufacturers themselves. No, I won't discuss about the people who actually build the smartphones we all use (that would make me digress too much and write an entirely new article), what I want to point out is the unexplained series of mistakes Samsung has made with its Note 7.

How can a flagship smartphone be so rushed to market that its blatant issues weren't obvious in quality control? Which actually begs the question: is there actual quality control these days?

Although #Samsung doesn't build the faulty batteries, they were happy enough with all the individual pieces that integrated the final product, so much so that they were used in a smartphone that was supposed to show the latest Samsung innovations in the smartphone world.

From a #customer point of view, Samsung was too slow to reach a conclusion - especially when it was such a serious one as acknowledging that its #product is dangerous and must be immediately shut down! Fortunately these weren't life threatening issues but sheer luck shouldn't be used by any brand in this day and age.

I'm not certain that all the success and great gadgets Samsung has made over the years will successfully counteract this fiasco in future smartphone #purchases. The trust is lost (for now?) and this may be both a lesson and a warning to every company that rushes to market what never should have reached it.

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