No Man's Sky is Being Investigated

October 15, 2016


No Man's Sky is Being Investigated by Diogo Silva Santos, 16th October 2016


For those not familiar with the #gaming industry, the title above probably doesn't make any sense. To most of the gamers that were awaiting the release of one of the most promoted and eagerly anticipated gaming titles of all time, the title above will certainly be celebrated!


No Man's Sky is a video game that promised many things to its #gamers but apparently couldn't deliver. Trailers, #screenshots and written statements of the #futuristic game made the gamers dream about the day they could actually play it. Every teaser was seen countless times; every statement read was a promise of a better gaming future; every screenshot considered an example of how a game should be.


The release of the game itself was postponed a couple of times, the reason being that it was not quite up to the standard the developers wanted it to be - every gamer acknowledged it and celebrated such noble example of a #company that pursues quality over immediate profit.


However, the hype backfired when the game was (finally) released. #Players started to complain about the lack of space combat, and that they couldn't find the structures and buildings, the flowing water and the apparent animal behaviour, which could be seen in the trailers.


Players also wanted to interact with each other and explore space together, but despite the developers not being clear enough about whether it was possible, the countless gamers attempts to try revealed it was indeed impossible!


The gamers were alone in the game, which despite being rich in planets and galaxies ready to be explored, felt repetitive and boring after just a couple of hours of playing it...


Today, gamers want to collaborate and play against each other. They want to join online teams or clans and strive to be the best, but playing alone feels too outdated.


After many complaints, the UK's #Advertising Standards Authority started to investigate the game and will publish their findings "in due course".


Most of the No Man's Sky players however have already reached a verdict: the game that was the biggest launch on Steam history with more than 200,000 simultaneous players, had only 25,000 players two weeks later.  Today, it is almost forgotten...

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