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Misfortunes of a Monoglot - Autonomous Opportunities

Will the #Brexit affect you? The world is in a state of change like I have never seen before. Countries are slowly ceasing to reach outward to connect and build relations across borders. Instead, nationalism and isolationism are trending in the global forum. As a mere writer, there is nothing I can do on a large scale to encourage #international relations, but as a tenderfoot #linguist, at least I can improve my immediate situation.

Regardless of what the governments decide, I can focus on building my own #communication abilities to bolster my chances of finding work beyond my own boundaries. Even at this early stage of learning, my basic #grammar and phrases in #French and #Russian have opened doors for me and created connections to communities that otherwise would have been relatively closed off to me; But I can only imagine how many more choices I would have if I could actually speak those languages already! How connected are you?

Let’s try something… Pick a country you have dreamed of living in. How realistic is it that you could actually live there someday? For example, do you speak the language? Do you know their history? Their geography? Their current affairs? If you replied “yes” to any of these, I am impressed. Your world is much larger and filled with more opportunity than many other people’s.

If you replied “no,” never fear! Remember, your world is what you make of it. Take up a #language class, peruse job #advertisements #overseas, or simply turn on a foreign radio station while you cook dinner. You are the architect of your life. Take advantage by cultivating new opportunities for yourself in every moment of the day.

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