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Kids reacting to an old Walkman

"Kids react to" is a series of YouTube videos, showing opinionated kids reacting to whatever the director puts in front of them. The episode I want to talk about is the one where they are presented with an 80's Walkman.

Seeing a Walkman for the first time puzzles them like an alien type of technology would. They don't know how to open it; don't understand what all the buttons do nor the right way to insert a cassette in the player; and are shocked with the director's explanation that a cassette only holds 30 #songs and that it takes time to fast forward and find the song we want to listen to next.

Being an #80's kid myself, who had always used #Walkmans and all the other "extraordinary" gadgets of the time, I couldn't help but chuckle at the astonished kids that couldn't use "my" technology, nor understand why it had so much success. This small example proves how much technology has evolved during a period of 37 years (the first Walkman was released by Sony in 1979), and makes me wonder about what type of #technology we will be using in the next couple of decades.

YouTube link:

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