Have you ever wondered why #dialects vary so greatly around the UK?

It is worth recognising how the Viking invasion through the period 793 AD to 1066 AD shaped the English language, with a possible 600-900 word count first documented in the early 12th Century coming from the Scandinavian dialect of ‘Old Norse’. Words beginning with Th and Sk, (i.e. Then, There, Sky and Skirt), and many of the Town names in the North East of England are Old Norse in origin. Towns ending with ‘by’ like Grimsby, Whitby and Wetherby and also ‘thorpe’ meaning ‘Village’ like in Scunthorpe are to name but a few of the 210 recorded. The Regional dialect of the North East is largely thought to have been a lasting legacy of the #Viking conquests.

The #physical evidence of the conquests can be seen in the #artefacts that continue to be found. A significant Viking Hoard of looted #treasure was unearthed near #Harrogate in 2007 which included #coins, rings, bullion and hack #silver.

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