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Nikola Tesla Predicted the Use of Drones in 1898!

Nikola Tesla believed that #peace could be brought about by unmanned machines which would be so powerful that they could end any war. The menace of its deployment would be enough to make rivals sit down and start peace talks. The way he envisioned these machines resembles what we know today as #drones.

Nikola Tesla explains that the #robot would be so groundbreaking that it wouldn't require any wires, cables or any sort of electrical or #mechanical connections to be remotely controlled by a human being. For Tesla, the most practical way of controlling such a #machine would be airwaves, impulses or radiations, being the range of these the only limit to where the robot could be used.

It is interesting to realise that a brilliant mind of the 19th century could so accurately describe a 21st century war machine, but it is appalling to understand that the peace he thought this type of weapon would bring does seems far-fetched today. This says a lot about the type of #war we have now, and the level of violence our #world has to face.


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