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Holidays without Technology

A new ad for Durex which I came across on YouTube is about a #social experiment they made with a number of couples. Imagine this: a paradisiacal beach and pool #destination, sensational weather but no #technological device whatsoever to record it or #communicate with the outside world. Half the #couples had to undergo this 'difficult' #experiment without their #devices; the other half had the devices they would usually carry on a holiday trip.

The ad is just a couple of minutes long but everyone can see that at first the couples who managed to keep their technological devices felt very lucky, as they could enjoy the company of their partners, and all the communications via social #media. The couples that had to go through the days without the devices felt like they would struggle. Today's high dependency on these devices that keeps us connected is already compared with bad habits like smoking, and there is actually a name given to the fear of losing a smartphone - Nomophobia.

However, as the #holidays went on, the couples with #technology seemed distant from one another; many times even unable to properly enjoy the scenery that they were busy documenting, taking pictures and talking to online strangers instead of talking to their partners who were right there in front of them (they albeit busy too, talking to someone else via social media...). The lack of attention to the partner created some arguments and a bad 'vibe' during the holidays.

Meanwhile, those who were without their technological devices managed to take full advantage of where they were, recording with their minds the beautiful sunsets, and having a good time with each other's jokes and the fun games they 'had' to play to pass the time. Even at the end of the first day (let alone at the end of the holidays) the couples without technology were much more relaxed and happier than the others; and indeed in an unusual synchrony in today's busy self-centred life.

So what is the lesson one should learn from this? While on #vacation do stay connected but with each other, and use your #smartphone as if it were an early 'brick' cellphone from the 80's! No pictures (ok only a handful), no social media and no emails! Just a phone call to tell those who matter that everything is ok and you're enjoying a great time together!

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