Do You Want a New or a Refurbished Smartphone?

September 1, 2016


Will the choice between new or refurbished #smartphones become a hard one to make? You should start by thinking about which type of smartphone you would like to have, that is if you want to be ready to answer #Samsung's difficult question.


In 2017, Samsung will start selling factory refurbished high-end smartphones, which were used by customers with subscription plans that automatically swaps their smartphones whenever a newer #model comes to #market. The testing grounds for this option will be the United States and South Korea, but the #online buzz about this #marketing strategy allows one to predict that the world's smartphone market will definitely change because of it.


Having #premium smartphones with a competitive price tag is Samsung's ultimate answer to the Chinese competitors, who really excel at offering good smartphones at a great price. From a customer point of view, the more options we have to buy something, the better choices we can make; and for the savvy customers out there, it shouldn't be too difficult to wait a year or two to have a virtually new high-end smartphone with a much more reasonable price tag.


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