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My #hotel is opulent and luxurious and it has not seen better days. It is still the very best that it can be and after a day spent in #Bourj Hammoud I am enjoying the comparative silence of my isolated, #sea view #terrace seat.

This morning I walked from Zaitunay Bay onto Mir Majid Arsalan which then became Charles Helou then took a right and a left onto #Armenia and the Souks.

I had #coffee on St Rita and ate lunch on Mar Yousef and I have a slightly odd habit of #photographing the food that I am about to eat however more about that another time.

Right now, I need to tell you about something else.

Now I am obviously not local.

I am taller than average just about every place I go and have been described as looking “distinctive” by friends at home so in other words, I tend to stand out like the proverbial sore thumb which sometimes draws the wrong sort of attention however here, in this recently ravaged place, the people are just so darned smiley, so warm and friendly, that everything feels good.

My first impressions of this place really have rung true.

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