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The No Longer Monolingual Brits

Britain has long been stereotyped as a lazy nation that refuses to learn other languages because ‘everyone else speaks English’. However, in recent years, research from #Travel Supermarket has shown one in four #Brits try to learn the local #language whilst on #holiday, and only 10% of Brits believe they needn’t bother learning other languages compared to 12% of our American cousins.

Whether it is to improve #job prospects or to maintain a cross cultural romance, there has been a significant rise in the desire to learn languages in Britain. In our #globalised world many are learning languages to have the option of working abroad, especially during this time of high unemployment in the UK. Furthermore, learning a new language not only improves our job prospects but also improves our #multi-tasking, memory, decision –making and even our own language’s #grammar as we become more aware of the things around us by learning about something different. So what are you waiting for?

With so many languages schemes and classes out there, there are no excuses for not learning the basics of a language, even if it’s just so you can properly order a #baguette at a French bakery!

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