Welcome Gorilla Glass 5!

Good news for clumsy smartphone users - there is a new #Gorilla Glass that can 'survive' 80% of the time that a smartphone lands face-down from a 5-foot drop. Impressive indeed!

The glass used in our smartphone screens has been evolving for quite some time. We just have to remember the early #smartphone models that shattered instantly the moment that they hit the pavement (sometimes making the smartphone useless) to the overall robustness that we have now, being increasingly able to withstand most drops.

When we drop our smartphone and nothing happens to it we feel very lucky! But luck has nothing to do with it, and we should really thank the evolution of Gorilla Glass which is what most smartphone brands use to make the screens.

The smartphone #robustness also has a lot to do with the design of the whole smartphone, those with curved designs or sleek curves around the sides of the phone make it more likely to break. A super strong glass can only do so much...

The new Gorilla Glass 5 will start showing up on phones later this year, and it is a new added level of protection, but as happens with so many #gadgets these days, the best protection is still the one that the user provides - be careful with how you use it.

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