La Tomatina

July 26, 2016


The annual celebration of ‘La Tomatina’,  is a traditional #Spanish festival that takes place in Bunol, Spain attracting mainly #British, #Australian and #Japanese tourists. This festival is known as one of the world’s weirdest food festivals and is known to be quite dangerous, which is why the government advise participants to wear goggles and gloves. The festival is simply a tomato food fight that creates rivers of red juice that flow through Bunol and covers participants. Over 150,000 tomatoes are thrown every year, costing a large sum of 140,000 euros, and this isn’t including the costs of security and safety measures. This has led to this year’s entry fee for the festival; it is the first time that participants have been charged to take part in the #festival, at 10 euros (approx. £8.60) the festival is quite expensive for an event that was once free. The Spanish town’s council hopes that this newly introduced fee will attract a different type of participant that will help increase the income from the festival and ultimately boost the town’s #economy. It will also help the town control the size of the crowds they receive, as often La Tomatina is an uncontrolled festival where things, can, and have got out of hand.




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