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Silent Languages

In learning #languages for #work, #travel, or #pleasure, many people focus on spoken languages such as #French, #Spanish, or #English. But what are silent languages? I’m referring to the languages of the Deaf, #signed languages. Although these languages do not have the same popularity among learners and language institutions and are much less studied, they are still worthy of learning.

If you are planning to stay in a #country for an extended period of time then it might be worth your time to learn a signed language, especially if you plan to work with language or in the medical field. Some of the most widely known signed languages include #American Sign, #British Sign, and #Chinese Sign, each has its own dialects.

Planning to move to the #United Kingdom, but don’t have a particular career in mind yet? Consider learning #British and #American Sign and being a trilingual #interpreter (American and British Sign are not mutually intelligible, unlike British and American English which are mutually intelligible among speakers)!

Learning a signed language is just as rewarding for work, pleasure, and travel as learning a spoken a language. So as you learn #French, #German, or another spoken language, consider learning a signed language too!

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