Solar-powered Route 66

July 14, 2016

Solar-powered roads could turn out to be a successful power source of the future; at least this is what the Missouri Department of Transportation thinks.


The #historical "Main Street of America" which was for a long time considered an essential artery (connecting Chicago to Los Angeles) became obsolete during the mid-1980s but never lost its popular support and Hollywood fame.


Now, with the help of a #revolutionary high-tech upgrade, it will shine brighter than ever. The project will be a partnership between The Missouri Department of Transportation and #Solar #Roadways, which creates specially-engineered solar-powered panels that support the weight of cars and generate electricity.


The first step will be the upgrade of a small stretch of the historic roadway. If proven successful (as everyone expects it to be), the #Route 66 will be once again the example of how an ideal roadway should be.


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