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Routine or no routine?

Two weeks ago, my wife finally gave #birth to our second child, another #healthy little boy. I am sure those of you who have #children can remember the night feeds, the incredibly long days and the constant feeling that you could sleep for a week.

But as #routine has been established and we’ve gotten to know our newest little guy, we have mastered the balancing act of doing housework, #school runs and #work, and of course, looking after the #newborn.

This week I even managed to wash my #car, take our eldest boy to the #park, #record some #music, and rearrange the #living room to make it a little more #baby-proof.

When I was younger routine involved getting up, going to school, and going to sleep. Now it is something I have come to crave. I claim I go with the flow, and am very flexible, but the reality is that without some #plan my life does not flow so well.

So here’s to routine and how it has helped me this last week. Without it life seems (at times) very tricky.

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