iPhone Case - Choose Carefully...

Today's #smartphones are so thin and fragile that the need to protect them from daily use makes a smartphone case a compulsory buy, which if we think about it defeats the purpose of buying a slick phone as we always have to use a bulky case...

However, smartphone case #manufacturers (perhaps eager to distinguish themselves in what seems to be a competitive market) are creating inappropriate cases that do make everyone else believe that the smartphone is something else entirely, when it is 'wittily' concealed in a pocket.

The most preposterous example of this type of cases is an iPhone case that resembles a gun. I have seen it on display a couple of times, and I couldn't tell what was more disturbing: the manufacturer that in these days of false alarms and terrorism fears, decides that what an iPhone really needs is to be considered a gun; or the client that wants to make a joke not realising that he is in fact annoying everyone while making himself a target for the police.

I couldn't say I was surprised when a couple of weeks later I read that one foolish man got into trouble with the police at London Stansted Airport because he was carrying that same iPhone case in his back pocket in such a way that it didn't look like an iPhone case at all.

On #Twitter, the Police published a picture of it saying bluntly that "Bringing this to an airport makes it much less likely you'll catch your plane.", and adding the hashtag #dontbedaft.

The trouble is that there are lots of daft people out there, who by not using plain common sense do confuse their daftness with cleverness.

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