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Unlock your positivity

Are feelings of negativity affecting your mood?

Suffering with low morale from a stagnant work #environment and locked in despondency, my ordinarily pragmatic friend consulted a #psychic. I was surprised (to say the least) that he would entertain the idea of seeking assistance from perceptions of the extra sensory variety! After the psychic reading however, he was rejuvenated, and on returning to #work found he had added vigor, a greater sense of self-worth and renewed optimism!

The answer to his improved outlook was achieved, not (in my opinion)by #paranormal intervention, but by being active in his pursuit to improve his situation he was able to pay attention to his inner-voice, something that we tend to lose sight, or rather sound of when faced with the stresses of life. It may seem simplistic, but a head jumbled with negative thoughts, worry over job stability in this shaky #economy, and personal and #professional #relationships all contribute in clouding our judgment and in effect we lose theability to hear the positive reinforcement that our inner-selves can offer us.

Whether it be consulting the wisdom of others, #exercise, or finding some “other”approach for removing the burden, we have the capability within us to improve our own state of mind and it’s just a matter of finding the right key to unlock a positive mindset.

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