Kunkush - The Refugee Cat

During very difficult times, the smallest glimmer of hope makes us carry on, causes us to trust that something good will happen in the near future, and perhaps most important of all, helps us believe in ourselves and in our decisions.

Refugees from war-torn countries have only two options: to stay and die, or turn to Europe as a safe haven, where despite some expectable hardships they could continue to live and protect their #family. No one can really understand the devastating decisions they had to make; what they had to do to raise the money for the trip, and the decision of who to send first and who to leave behind to maybe join later...

We should turn to our Great-grandparents and Grandparents and listen to what they have to say about these refugees, and what they themselves had to do during WWII.

In my opinion, the story about the refugee cat Kunkush is not only a small glimmer of hope but also an example of how a European movement of #volunteers can make the life of these #refugees a little bit easier. These volunteers are truly the backbone of a European spirit I believe in.

Kunkush had an Iraqi human family that cared so much about him that they decide to not leave him behind in a war-torn country. They survived a treacherous sea #voyage together, but as soon as they came ashore on Lesbos (Greece), the frightened cat escaped from his basket and his loving family.

When the lost cat was later found by a group of volunteers, they immediately remembered how a family had become separated from their pet. I can only imagine how #heartbreaking the scene was to stay in the minds of a group of volunteers who by now must have grown accustomed to so many dramatic moments!

The rescuers were determined to get him back to his family. They started a #social #media #campaign and distributed fliers to refugee camps all across Europe. In the meantime, Kunkush traveled like many refugees to Berlin, where a foster family took him in.

A number of days later, the seemingly impossible happened! The family of Kunkush contacted the #Facebook page, and shared #photos of their 'previous life', when they were all together in Iraq. "Happy tears were shed" when a Skype session gave the family a live video of their beloved cat.

Kunkush has since flown to Norway and the family is (once again) complete.

BBC video about the 'Refugee Cat'


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