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How does advertising influence you?

Believe it or not, in order to sell a #product, often words are not needed at all. Many #multinational companies use the same advert to sell the same products in different parts of the world. Yes, whilst this is primarily for budgeting reasons, we often fail to realise the way in which the #media, and advertising, can transcend barriers where we as individuals fail.

Different nations often have different mass markets. However, it is this time of year where #international corporations gather round in the race to reach largest profit and turnover margins. It’s easy to get lured in by the media; however, responses to these #adverts vary according to accessibility to other resources. For example, a Londoner is more likely to research the best deals on products and check their #reviews, whereas someone in a remote #village location sometimes relies on these media outlets in their local vicinity in order to consume.

It’s essential to realise the influence the media has in cross-communication. An image can speak a thousand #words, yet how this image is interpreted according to different societies is something that remains a point of debate amongst linguists and sociologists alike. Ideally enough, these types of media allow us the chance to expand our realms of #communication and #linguistics for a wider range of benefits.

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