Seeing Beyond Black and White

After watching Blancanieves, a black and white #Spanish film, I was familiarised with the #magnificence of #Spanish fantasist cinema (think Del Toro’s Pan’s Labyrinth). Stellar #cinematography accompanying a profound performance led me to rave about the film to friends. They being entirely unaware of the film’s existence, I looked the film up online for them. It was then to my surprise I noted that Blancanieves was first released in 2012; the UK release date was almost a year after the Spanish one, and released on a much smaller scale.

It is seemingly apparent that the UK does not have a high demand for foreign #language films. Are the subtitles a turn off? Is the #cultural barrier larger than its linguistic counterpart? There is weak appeal in watching these films, yet cinemas in non-English speaking nations are crammed with #American blockbusters and #British gems.

Occasionally an exception sneaks through the cracks, as seen in #Academy Award winning film The Artist. Nevertheless, with rising film industries from all over the world; it’s worth noting critically-raved about #Iranian films coming out, once in a while it is important to invest in a film that breaks protocol and with that the language barriers.

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