How To - Keep your PC Healthy

Over time, #PC users experience the same things: error messages, longer loading times, and eventually the dreadful ‘blue screen of death’. These can be symptoms of a straining hard drive or an overworked machine.

Backup your PC

First and foremost you should keep an updated backup system that protects your data from being lost. It is only a small weekly hassle that pays when freak errors happen; and trust me it is only a matter of 'when' it happens, not 'if' it happens.

Don’t be a hoarder

Do you have old newspapers piling up in your living room? Or outdated folders in your briefcase? So why do you keep them on your hard drive?!

Outdated files, folders, and disorganised random #data take up valuable space that should be used for something else you currently need. Use a separate backup folder in the backup system to permanently archive the #information you don’t need any more. If necessary, you can always retrieve it later.

Backup systems have a life expectancy

Manufacturers don’t advertise it but even the backup system’s hard drive will suffer the same fate as the PC ones, it will eventually stop working.

In my opinion, after five years of regular use you should start to consider the purchase of a new backup system. Do keep using the old one (and enjoy the added piece of mind of having two backup systems) but don’t rely too much on it as your only backup source.

Organise your information

Do a simple test: think of a file you haven’t used in a while and see if you can find it quickly. If you struggle to find it, you should update the way files and folders are organised.

Remember: The sooner you do all of these actions, the lesser time consuming they will be.

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