3D Interactive Videos as History Lessons

The Second World War should never be forgotten. It is the ultimate evidence that when disturbed human beings are elected, the miseries of war soon follow, as bestial acts become 'justified and necessary'.

In an effort to prevent History from repeating itself, holocaust survivors are having their life stories recorded and presented in interactive 3D videos. The #technology uses natural #language understanding (similar to a smartphone's voice assistant) to allow viewers to ask the survivors anything they would like to know about their personal life and what they have experienced. When a question is asked, the system converts speech into text and searches for the most appropriate video answer from those available.

"You can read about the Holocaust in a book or see it on a movie or on #TV, but until you interact with someone who has lived this experience in person, it doesn't have the same sort of reality… that these things actually happened and how horrendous it was," stated the project leader and research scientist Andrew Jones to the BBC.

I can already see this #innovative project being successfully used in classrooms and museums, making #history come to life.

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