How To - Be More Productive at Work

June 2, 2016

Over the years I have come across some useful everyday tips in the fantastic world we call The Internet. Sure enough, myths and quackery abound; but this simple tip really works for me and thus I decided to share it. Hopefully you can take advantage of it too!


Struggling to be more productive at work? Many of us have to work at some place either too #hot or too cold but it turns out the key to productivity lies not in our brains but in the thermostat!


#Studies have shown that when workers are cold they make more #mistakes, and those mistakes can really add up to as much as 10% of hourly wages. When #workers are warm they work better and that ultimately saves employers #money.  However, one shouldn't randomly choose a high room temperature.


#Researchers believe that there is an ideal room temperature for maximising the workers' output. The ideal temperature for productivity is around 71.5° F (22° C).  Any warmer than 73° F or 75° F (23° C or 24° C) and the productivity starts going down again.


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