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A New Car

How do you feel about cars?

Ever since I was a young child I had a keen interest in cars. I remember sitting at the window watching the vehicles pass by and getting excited when I saw a car that I dreamed of one day owning.

After passing my driving test I purchased a small car ideal to insure and run, and over the years upgraded to the most practical car for my current life stage.

This last week we purchased a car with a #4x4 drive system and still relatively #eco friendly. I never really wanted one of these cars but with a growing #family and regular drives down #country roads it seemed the most practical.

The first night I went for a drive, the weather turned and I drove through a thunderstorm with torrential rain. Usually a drive in these conditions would be more challenging but it didn’t seem much of an issue in the new car.

Yesterday we went #shopping and for a change we managed to fit everything in the boot and not on the rear floor or even on passengers laps, which was usual in the last car.

So I can honestly say that although I was never a fan of 4x4s, I am growing to like this one. I still hold firm to my love for eco things and am passionate about the #environment so I doubt I will ever buy a #V8 Supercharged 4x4. But for now, I do not fear the winter ahead.

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