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To Lock or Not To Lock the Smartphone's Screen?

That shouldn't even be a question but a frequent action in order to protect our personal information and the #smartphone itself. An alphanumeric password can be an effective deterrent to thieves (and curious friends) yet many smartphone owners still neglect or refuse to use it.

The #evolution of smartphones may have been too quick for the majority of users that fail to realise how much information their everyday handheld device knows about them. Nowadays everyone uses smartphones for much more than just calls and #messages, they have become our portable agenda, our main connection to #social media, our portfolio, our personal documents folder, and much more!

The 'good Samaritan' idea that if the contacts are readily accessible, the finder of a lost smartphone will use them to return it is nowadays too far-fetched (unfortunately).

It's also incredible how many people never log out of social media or email accounts. Although I understand the added convenience of always being logged on, 'innocent' pranks of someone using our email to send #embarrassing messages should make us behave differently and adopt a 'better safe than sorry' approach.

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