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Now the first thing tourists think when they hear #Florida is ‘Disneyland!’ but there is more to this beautiful place than #Mickey Mouse and Space Mountain. However if you have kids or you’re a big kid yourself, it’s definitely worth a visit for some fun filled escapism! Speaking of #Disneyland, Florida is famous for its theme parks, the most popular being Universal, Epcot, Sea world and Magic Kingdom- all of these are worth visiting if you get the time.

However be wise, if you’re travelling in peak tourist season, there will be crowds so if you roll out of bed and arrive around lunchtime, expect queues! Also look for passes and #discounts because these places are wonderful but they’re #tourist goldmines so be savvy and do a little research on good deals before you leave.

That being said if theme parks are not your thing, Florida has beaches by the plenty! #Miami and Florida Quays are a stone’s throw away so head on down and be amazed by the white sandy beaches and lively atmosphere. Now like most places with a warm #climate, expect very warm hot days, but also expect lots of rain and storms. You can never predicate the weather but June to September is Florida’s rainy season so if you want to avoid it try and travel outside of those months (although after extremely warm days, the rain can feel like a godsend!).

No matter when you visit beautiful sunny Florida you’re guaranteed a fun ride!

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