How To - Boost your Energy

Over the years, I have come across some useful everyday tips in the fantastic world we call The #Internet. Sure enough (myths and quackery abound) this simple tip really works for me and thus I decided to share it. Hopefully, you can take advantage of it too!

Some afternoons just seem to be too long due to our lack of #energy. What should we do when this happens? We should take a 'power nap'!

Winston Churchill believed a daily power nap gave him the mental clarity to win WWII.

However, we should be careful when we use this 'technique'. The power nap should only last around 20 minutes; any longer than that and we enter what is called the deep sleep, which isn't good as our drowsiness after the nap will be even worse...

One way of insuring we do it correctly is to have a cup of coffee before the nap. Coffee takes about 20 minutes to get into our system and so we wake up feeling particularly #alert and ready to work.

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