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How To - Spend Less while Shopping

Over the years I have come across some useful everyday tips in the fantastic world we call The Internet. Sure enough (myths and quackery abound) this simple tip really works for me and thus I decided to share it. Hopefully, you can take advantage of it too!

Did you know that you are more likely to buy something you don't need if you touch it? You can avoid making impulse purchases simply by trying not to touch the #merchandise.

In 1879, Frank Woolworth opened the first 5 and 10 cents store in the #United States. The reason why this store became so popular is because it took all the products that were traditionally behind a counter where only the seller could reach them, and placed them upfront in beautiful shelves, where customers could pick the products up, touch them and interact with them.

It changed the nature of #shopping because if people could touch the merchandise and connect with it differently, they wanted it more! Frank Woolworth came across a #psychological #phenomenon that retailers have used ever since.

Why is this retailer's technique so successful? Could it be due to our evolutionary past!

Millions of years ago our lives depended upon getting the scarce resources we needed to survive. When we touched something our brains 'shouted' this is mine and we can survive with this thing. Even today, holding something gives us a sense of ownership, like with a pen or a book. Just by holding a pen our brain is saying "this is mine, it is part of me!”

If you are out shopping and you don't want to feel tempted, don't touch the items!

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