How To - Never Forget Something Important

Over the years, I have come across some useful everyday tips in the fantastic world we call The #Internet. Sure enough, myths and quackery abound; but this simple tip really works for me and thus I decided to share it. Hopefully, you can take advantage of it too!

Did you ever walk into a room and forgot why you went in there? Here is why:

#Neurologically speaking, our short-term memory can be conceived as something like a post-it note. We only have a limited amount of time to use that memory.

When we don't need a piece of information anymore our brain just discards it. Passing through a doorway triggers our brain to 'empty the trash'. This was very important to our survival: in ancient times, it was really important to notice every detail while entering a new environment as it could mean finding food before someone else, or noticing a #predator before it was too late!

To our brain, entering a room is like entering a new #environment. It triggers the brain to dump any information that it was working with so that it can take in all the new information it needs.

If we are trying to remember something, we should avoid walking through a doorway as soon as you have learnt it. Give your brain some time to file the new information away in your memory before you 'hit the reset button' by walking out of the room.

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