Algae Bottle

A biodegradable algae bottle could be one of the best answers against the plastic 'epidemic'.

Plastic bottles can take up to 1000 years to decompose. If we think about the number of plastic bottles every one of us use during a single year, we easily come up with an enormous amount of plastic residue we leave behind that future generations have to deal with, as most of it still isn't #recycled or reused in any way.

Product designer Ari Jónsson decided to try to change this worrying trend by creating a #biodegradable bottle made of algae, which keeps its original shape until it is empty and starts to decompose shortly after.

The revolutionary bottle was presented in #Reykjavik, #Iceland, at the #DesignMarch. "I read that 50% of the plastic is used only once and quickly discarded, so I think we all need an urgent solution to replace it in our everyday routine. Why are we still using materials that take hundreds of years to decompose to make disposable items?" asks the designer at the presentation of his product.

Will the algae bottle be the ultimate solution to the plastic issue? I'm not sure. But the Icelandic designer should be applauded for trying to come up with a #solution to one of today's biggest issue that very few seem to care about.

What do you think about the plastic issue, and the Icelandic solution?

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