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Competition should be replaced by Cooperation

When we arrive at a new workplace, we know how much first impressions are important, as countless articles tell us. We make our best efforts to please and to reach the set goals as fast as we can (and better than everyone else too...).

However, just like personal #relationships can #evolve to a #mature stage over time, so does the opinion of co-workers and employers. First impressions don't last as long as we might think they do, and the competent hard working fellow can indeed become an over-competitive one that doesn't know how to work in a #team, and becomes considered as a liability to the company...

Although #technology tends to make us isolated workers, cooperation and team effort is still the key to being #successful and having a good working #environment.

Being able to work in a team, to cooperate with co-workers, knowing what each one can bring to the table and make us closer to the company #goals, is what separates a great #employee from an average one.

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