The Ridiculous A4 Challenge

The ability of some people to come up with ridiculous challenges, and the success they immediately have as lots of people accept them, and do something I can only consider preposterous, is an issue that never ceases to upset me.

The most recent example of the 'why someone does this?' type of challenge is the A4 one, which encourages women to see if their waists are smaller than an A4 sheet of paper!? The successful women should post a selfie onto a social media, along with the bragging hashtag #A4waist.

Needless to say that this type of #challenge proves nothing as to how healthy the women are; it is entirely dependent on perspective (and how far away one holds the sheet of paper from one's body); and although it started in a Chinese social media website, it has unfortunately gained global attention putting a lot of body image pressure on the women that don't know how to pull it off.

I don't want to sound too harsh but as a man I certainly wouldn't like to be around someone who feels the need to study the best perspective of a #photograph, in order to accomplish something preposterous, and actually brag about it!

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