Tips for Entertaining Yourself in the Airport

March 21, 2016

Travel is all about adventure and discovering new lands, languages and lives. However, we often overlook its less exciting #elements, in particular the tedium of long airport stopovers. Anyone who has done so will know that time spent in airports can seem endless. Nevertheless, it needn’t be dull and there are numerous ways to entertain oneself beyond the well-trodden aisles of the Duty Free.


A Chance to Catch Up


We complain about our hectic lifestyles limiting our free time and, if you think of it in this light, one thing airport stopovers give us is the luxury of time. This presents a great #opportunity to catch up on anything you might be behind on whether it is a book you’ve been meaning to read or writing postcards home.


Make a Photo Diary


Filled with a constant flow of colourful characters, airports are one of the best places to watch the world go by. Why not turn your time in the terminal into a #project, using your camera to snap everyone and everything going on around you; even the mundane can be made memorable this way!

Do Things You Wouldn’t Usually Do

Let’s face it, in an airport, your options are limited. However, this is simultaneously a great opportunity to try out something new. Rather than taking solace in old favourites, live a little by exploring all the goodies on offer, from sushi to oyster bars to striking up #conversations with strangers.


What will you do be doing on your next trip to the Airport?


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