Robots as Hotel Staff

There is a new hotel in #Japan (where else?) where guests are welcomed by a team of robots and even a velociraptor! The friendly man-made electricity-eating ones, not the original and extinct carnivores, which although historically interesting would create havoc in a hotel...

Robots doing human-type of work is not a #novelty in this day and age; however this #hotel goes one step further and has robots cleverly interacting with guests: providing help at the reception desk; taking the luggage to the room (does one have to tip them too?); doing the hotel cleaning and one of the concierges is the already mentioned velociraptor... Who wouldn't want its help?!

Google the #Henn-Na Hotel, which could be roughly translated as 'The Weird Hotel', and next time you happen to be in Nagasaki, you can experience first-hand what will probably be the future of hotels. The hotel management's goal is that 90% of the staff is #humanoid (which means the 10% of humans working there will be very handy doing hard-resets!)

Personally, I think I would rather stay away from hotels who name themselves as weird...

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