Dog Searches Tirelessly For Its Dead Owner

Loyalty - a strong feeling of support and allegiance to someone or something. Although a strange and archaic notion for several poor souls, I believe many of us have been #lucky enough to give and receive such a noble feeling.

In Argentina, a loyal dog searched for three months for its owner through the 'never-ending' hospital corridors, unaware that he had passed away and left the building. Patients, medical personnel and visitors alike were all touched by the #story, and the dog ended up being #adopted by the hospital.

In room 404 of San Antonio de Padua Hospital, where the owner and his loyal dog had seen each other for the last time was continuously visited by the dog. When the owner was admitted the dog's presence was 'allowed', but after the patient's death the dog had to leave too. Although it was escorted to the front door several times, the dog (accurately nicknamed Pirate) always found a way to return and wait for the owner in the place it had last seen him.

We are #fortunate to be able to witness the actions of these amazing animals that teach us a thing or two about life's #values and what should matter the most.

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