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J’adore Paris

#Paris, like many people claim, is one of my favourite cities. But not because it’s pretty, on the contrary, I find Paris quite grey and old. Most of the buildings are falling apart, and the supposedly ‘pretty’ areas only look that way in pictures or, of course, in the movies. Most of the times I have been to Champs d’Elysées it has not been a ‘Devil Wears Prada’ moment; the poor and the homeless litter the streets, unexpectedly, in the wealthy areas. Like all cities, Paris needs a lot of work, no one can deny that, however, the #charm that inhabits its #atmosphere is one of the reasons why it’s one of my favourites.

And of what does this charm consist? It consists of the clatter of cups and plates as you walk past a café on the main street, of the #sophisticated look of #Parisians as they strut around as if they themselves own the city, of the lights at Christmas, of the monstrosity of a tower that everyone can’t help but love, of the foie gras that melts on your tongue in a restaurant, of your own film soundtrack played out by an accordion player on #Montmartre, of the wine that excites your taste buds and of so much more yet to be discovered.

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