A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

What is the meaning of friendship nowadays? Have our #attitudes towards friends and what we expect from them changed in the last couple of decades? I definitely think so.

Today, we live in a social media world, where excellent tools such as Facebook and Twitter have made an impact on our daily lives and changed our #friendship mindsets for the worse. The unspoken competition of who has more friends and followers have made us blind to what should matter the most - who is really our true friend?

Think about it - if for some reason you have to deal with a difficult issue who would you call? Family member’s aside, can you name two or three friends you would call? Suddenly, having hundreds of Facebook friends or #Twitter #followers doesn't seem to be that important, right?!

However, we shouldn't blame online social media tools for being excellent at what they were made for - keeping us connected. It is indeed our own fault if we started to get too attached to them. While we readily comment or #favourite much of what happens online, we stopped caring about what is happening closer to us... Remember the last dinner you had when a notification sound from your smartphone was far more important than the conversation you were having with someone? In the wise words of Mr. T: "I pity the fool" who does that. And most of us have been fools indeed. This behaviour has become such a 'trend' that it already has a name - phubbing!

Now that you have had some time to think about it, you should write down the names of the friends you think would come to help you when in need (or the ones who already have done so) and think about an entertaining outdoors #activity you can all do together. Do it as soon as possible! Don't wait for special occasions to be together...

Enjoying the company of true friends should be a never-ending trend.

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