2050 - More Plastic than Fishes in Oceans

When we think about the oceans, we imagine a world of wonderful aquatic creatures living in light or dark areas, using echoes or natural instinct to know where they are and where they want to go. A beautiful picture, isn't it?!

Unfortunately, according to a report from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, by the year 2050 every one of the world's seas and oceans will have more bits of plastic than fishes! Each minute, the equivalent of a Ford Transit van filled with plastic is sent to the ocean, and only 14% of the plastic residues produced by our global society is sent to a recycling facility...

So that our children don't imagine a world of plastic when they think about the oceans, and continue to see what we see today (or preferably even something better), the Ellen MacArthur Foundation is developing an economical project directly linked to plastic. The #project will be based on 3 positive ideas for our future - create a #lucrative purpose to the used plastic; reduce the leakage of plastic bits into the environment; and decouple plastic from fossil fuels.

It is a revolutionary and #futuristic project, which means that for the time being it still cannot be implemented. However, by clearly showing the need to tackle the plastic issue and start changing the way plastic is made, used and recycled, lucrative ideas are already on sight and this time profits can help the #environment.

This project named "The New Plastics Economy" may turn out to be one of the 21st century's best ideas!

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