An excuse just for a catch-up

After moving to a new #town, making #friends is always something that takes a little effort and does not happen by being confined to the walls of your #home.

One of the chaps I have become friends with is in a very similar life position as me, also having a young family and being fairly new to town. Because of this we meet up once a month and it is our plan to visit every #pub in the town before we decide upon our “local”.

The town has so many pubs, almost too many to count, so I imagine by the time we complete our task the first pubs we’ve visited would have changed and most likely be under new #management.

Some of the pubs we have visited so far have been pleasant, and others have been a little odd. Others have just not been nice at all! We give an overall rating out of ten based on the #environment, #staff, #drinks on offer and anything else we feel is fit.

Yet the search for a local is just the excuse we use to catch up, usually we have a moan, talk about #sports and/or #politics and anything else we have in common. Really it’s just nice to have a change of #scenery and different company every-so-often as we build our #friendship.

What’s your excuse for a catch-up?

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