Let’s face it, if you’re only coming to #London to see all those sights on the postcards, I can tell you now, London is probably going to disappoint. We have #excellent photographers in this #city – they get just high enough to get the right angle, just low enough to catch every detail. They click at just the right moment, and they know just the time when the lighting is perfect. After all is said and done, they do a special trick – they get the photographs printed in sepia, and then tint the buses and the phone boxes in bright red, to make you believe that London has both dignity and passion flowing down the streets like milk and honey.

Needless to say that’s a false perception. London is really the colour of concrete grey, and no amount of red buses can fix that! Pictures taken by a tourist in front of landmarks will never look as good. Big Ben will never stare at you at its own level, always from up and not down. Those flashing ads at Piccadilly Circus will not inspire any feeling other than wanting to buy some Coke and get on with life.

What am I saying? That #tourism in #London is futile? London is my life, I would never say that! But real London isn’t about a pretty picture. It’s all about its people. If you want #quality from your trip – go to places like Brixton, Shoreditch, Shepherd’s Bush and Kilburn, where people live their real lives, make friends and that’s really something to take home with you.

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