Restaurants/Art/Museum review

London sure boasts a variety of events, and they’re all in your face, especially in the summer. But I’m after a real pearl. Rather than fighting a crowd for the easiest pastime, I need something truly different this week to refresh my mind.

Music is the lover of my soul. But here’s something you and I haven’t heard of before: at the Royal Festival Hall, musicians are expressing their own experiences of manic depression, loneliness and deprivation through… classical music? Bridging the gap between “us” and “them”, people who live through troubles we only hear about on the news.

When it comes to food, Japanese cuisine is my personal champ. The best place that comes to mind is a small restaurant Tonkotsu, right at the heart of Soho, 63 Dean Street. The food is lush, and they have special offers for the lunchtime for only a fiver. Consider it next time in place of your rushed lunchtime sandwich.

Art is like the air I breathe. But if you’re anything like me, and you need your art relevant and gritty, you can’t miss Nelly Duff gallery in Shoreditch – the area where streets scream creativity! It’s open weekends and located at 156 Columbia Road. You can get prints there for your own walls as well. After all, who likes empty walls?

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