Learning & Teaching throughout our Lifetime

#Hollywood celebrates the hero, the lone wolf that does something remarkable and then vanishes alone to a secret place. Although he catches a lot of female attention, his lifestyle isn't compatible with a marital life.

Fortunately, our real world doesn't mirror Hollywood's fantasies. Our #society is indeed filled with a large number of people that would like to be lone wolves (in a world where #competition and jealousy would prevail) but the most #successful people are those who know how to act in a team, and how to bring up the best of those around them.

The best part of helping out someone, especially when one has to teach something new to somebody, is that no matter how well one knows the subject at the end of the day one will be even better at it.

Think about when you needed help and did get it from a friend or an acquaintance. Don't you remember him or her more fondly because of it? Don't you feel the need to help him/her whenever you can because of it?

One day (especially when we least expect it) we might need the help of someone, and having a 'Good Samaritan' way of life definitely increases the chances of receiving help.

Our world can be a friendlier place, but it all depends on our daily actions. Don't you agree?

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