Sailing Away

Imagine you are sailing in a #boat on turquoise waters under a bright blue sky. The waves gently lapping the hull of the boat, a breeze fluttering your hair….. Blissfully relaxing??

Wrong. This summer I learnt to #sail. It’s nothing like you imagine. Its hard #physical work, the constant adjustments required to keep the #sail and the #rudder in the right places means you have to concentrate all the time. You try to take a different tack and suddenly your #boat tips up and you’re in the #water. Wet chaos! But what is most exhausting, more than anything that actually does happen, is the fear of what could happen. What if the wind gets stronger? What if I capsize the boat?

It’s like taking the plunge with a #foreign #language. The biggest problem is the “what ifs”. What if they don’t understand me? What if I make a fool of myself? What if I get the tense wrong?

The thing is, if you want to sail, you have to be prepared to get wet. If you want to speak a foreign language you’ve got to put up with a few bumpy rides in the beginning. So what if you capsize the boat? Soon enough…you’ll be cruising.

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