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Social Media (16+ only)

European teenagers under 16 years old may soon need their parent’s explicit authorisation to have a #Facebook, #Instagram or #Snapchat account.

The new European Directive for data protection tries to address one of today's biggest issue for personal data - how to handle and protect the minor's data. Not surprisingly, the main #social media companies are already presenting arguments against this directive and how it will encourage users to lie about their age.

I think the problem lies most of all in the fact that social media companies don't really care about how old their users are and how well our data is protected; their main concern is how that data can be marketed and to think otherwise is to be eluded. The best way to avoid #issues is to treat all social media websites like a bar or a pub, where everything you say, do and show can be seen and heard by everyone in the world.

However, we can't continue ignoring the carefree way youngsters adhere to and use this type of websites. Most young parents don't really (care to) know what their children do in the online world, thus having a tool that involves parents' awareness may prove to be beneficial to parents (who begin to know where the child likes to go online) and to young people alike (who exit their relaxed carefree bubble, and understand that with better information and the parents' help they are more prepared than ever to face the #enormous online world).

I also believe that most social media companies will finally realise how #volatile their profits can be if they continue on the path to disregard the protection of their users' data, and don't stop the #wicked ways they use to sell it to other companies.

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