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Browser, Please Forget Where I've Been

#Christmas is coming, and the last thing we want is our #family finding out where we have been doing some #online #shopping, or even worse to know what we have purchased for them and how much it costed! Awkwardly, love is sometimes measured by the amount of money one spends on #gifts...

We are all too old to believe that gifts are magically delivered by Santa, but we do what we must to keep our presents secret until the right time. Our browser's #history is great if you want to easily find out and share the amusing #video you've watched recently, not so great if you want some mystery around your presents...

Private browsing has long been an option on almost every browser out there, but an easily forgettable one until it is too late (how many times your search led to something you weren't expecting?). Firefox (Mozilla's Internet Browser) for example offers a very #handy 'button' to their users: just add the 'Forget' button to the browser's taskbar, and your last five minutes / two hours / whole day of #browsing will be completely forgotten. Easy and effective!

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