Childhood Affects Adulthood

Have you ever thought about how your childhood affects you today?

The way we live our #childhood and our memories of it will have a remarkable impact in the man or woman we become later on. I'm not saying that a bad childhood will leave a permanent scar, but the hardships or obstacles that hindered us make us better prepared to face #future difficulties.

While growing up, nobody thinks about the future - and thankfully so, we should all be busy living the moment! However, when we make a full retrospect about what happened to us, somehow the difficult moments, the sorrows, even the break-ups were definitely 'special' moments that made us go forward, made us evolve into what we are today. In fact, all experienced #episodes shaped our personality and our attitude towards the world.

The #beauty of the continuous #evolution of our personality is that what we are today is a 'lesser' version of what we will be tomorrow! Someone might be tempted to think that when we are about to die we should be born again, with all life's lessons in mind so that we don't repeat mistakes. But can you imagine how our life would be?

We have to be disappointed, we have to make mistakes, we should experience some hardships. Why? Because of these bad episodes, we can embrace and celebrate all the good things that happen to us. When we have to fight for something, we #value it immensely when we get it.

"Carry on" or "soldier on" should be much more than mere postcard mottos, they should be our way of living.

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